Ban on Meat Consumption over FMD in Kapchorwa Lifted

The sale and consumption of meat in Kapchorwa municipality over the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease-FMD has resumed after two month of suspension.

Sande Cherop, Kapchorwa Municipal Veterinary doctor, says the ban was lifted after the Municipality confirmed that there are no more cases of Food and Mouth Disease which had earlier broke prompting authorities to suspend meat consumption.

“We managed to treat all the animals in the municipality and people are now free to consume the cow’s products which include meat and milk,” he said.

James Malinga, a meat seller at Kapchorwa Municipality says, meat business has resumed with better sales.

Bosco Chepkurui another, meat seller, complains that in spite of lifting the ban, they are suffering because the municipality has hiked the taxes on selling of  meat.

“We used to pay 3,000 Shillings per day, they have increased to 5,000 for your meat to be stamped and allowed to be sold,” he said.

Restaurants around Kapchorwa have been ‘importing’ meat from the neighboring districts of Bulambuli and Mbale.

 There were16 suspected cases of Foot and Mouth Disease reported in the central division that led to the banning on the sale of the cattle products.

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