Why you should explore the beauty of Lake Victoria

The lake also known as “Victoria Nyanza,” is the largest lake in Africa with an area of 26,828 square miles, making it the second largest freshwater lake in the world.

Lake Victoria is an incredible attraction with much around the area and great things to do nearby. The lake is commonly referred to as The Pearl and Pride of Africa since it borders three countries; Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

It’s also the largest tropical lake in the world with surface temperature consistently above four degrees Celsius. With its vastness, dotted islands, reefs, 200+ fish species, and tropical highlands, Lake Victoria is a primary tourist attraction for those visiting Uganda.

If you’re planning on touring Uganda, this lake should be on the list, it’s so big and there’s a lot to do around the lake.

The Lake Victoria region is now one of the most popular destinations in East Africa due to its untapped island fossils sites and the generally quiet and private atmosphere that offers peace and tranquillity.

Activities around;

Tourism activities in Lake Victoria have increased due to the improvement of infrastructure around the lake basins. Good roads and an increased investment in the hospitality industry have seen the number of tourists visiting Lake Victoria safari region shoot upwards.

Lake Victoria Africa has more than 170 tourists sites and quite a number of heritage sites. There are many resorts set up along the Lake and the many Islands surrounding Lake Victoria.

The number of resorts being set up in the Lake region has made the it transform from a traditional fishing point where most of the Islands surrounding the Lake are resorts, game lodges and beautiful hotels that offer tourists an atmosphere to look out for.

Different hotels, lodges and resorts organize game drives for their clients. Alternatively, tourists can contract with local tour companies and hire a guide to take them around the Lake Victoria region and benefit from seeing some of the wildlife in the area and how they co-exist with human life.

Goretti’s Pizzeria, This is a small restaurant located next to Lake Victoria with a very good view to enjoy while eating delicious pizza. The restaurant features live entertainment. So you’d enjoy the view, pizza, and entertainment.

The Botanical Gardens located in Entebbe on the shores of Lake Victoria are expansive gardens, thick with rainforests are a treat for the eye.

These gardens on the shores are one of Uganda’s most often visited tourist attractions as they are easily accessible. It’s a very short ride from the airport to the Entebbe gardens.

Tourists enjoy the cultural and vibrant life of the local people. The views of the lake feature many varieties of boats, from large ferries and transport barges to ngalawa fishing boats and dugout canoes.

This lake has a great wetland surface that offers birdwatchers a wonderful view where they can observe the island fish eagles running a spectacular scene diving from high above into the lake water to catch their prey.

The beauty of Lake Victoria is something to look out for!

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