UWEC to vaccinate animals against COVID-19

The Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre ( UWEC) has announced that it is set to vaccinate all chimpanzees among other animals against COVID-19 at its centre. The UWEC Executive Director, Mr. James Musinguzi revealed this on Wednesday during Zakayo’s Day celebrations held annually every October, 27.

“As UWEC, we are working together with Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Dr. Gladys Kamela of Conservation through Public Health and Zoetis Company to get a vaccine called Zoetis, to be able to vaccinate all our chimps and other animals. But of course we shall have to first do some trials with the monkeys to observe how they react,” he revealed.

Mr. Musinguzi also added that the centre will also carry out an outreach Covid-19 vaccination drive for its visitors.

“Since we receive quite a number of people over the weekend, we have given these two days Saturday and Sunday because it has some logistic arrangement that we have to make with Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital, for our clients to be able to come and benefit from the vaccination,” he said.

In the month of July, Ngamba Island Chimpanzees were subjected to Covid-19 tests and all results turned negative.

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