Survery: Safari Goers Vote Uganda as Best Safari Country

By Moses Kakuru

Botswana may have won the best overall safari country vote, but according to Safari Booking’s recent survey, safari-goers voted Uganda as the best safari country for 2023.

In the overall vote by travel experts and travel goers, Botswana took the first spot, the second place belonged to Tanzania, followed by Zambia, Kenya and then Uganda in the fifth spot.

1. Botswana4.63/5  (Experts: 4.48/5 – Clients: 4.78/5)
2. Tanzania4.56/5  (Experts: 4.40/5 – Clients: 4.71/5)
3. Zambia4.47/5  (Experts: 4.22/5 – Clients: 4.72/5)
4. Kenya4.38/5  (Experts: 4.06/5 – Clients: 4.70/5)
5. Uganda4.33/5  (Experts: 3.82/5 – Clients: 4.83/5)
6. South Africa4.31/5  (Experts: 3.97/5 – Clients: 4.66/5)
7. Zimbabwe4.27/5  (Experts: 3.91/5 – Clients: 4.68/5)
8. Namibia4.28/5  (Experts: 4.00/5 – Clients: 4.56/5)
9. Madagascar4.11/5  (Experts: 3.79/5 – Clients: 4.44/5)
10. Rwanda4.10/5  (Experts: 3.98/5 – Clients: 4.21/5)

Uganda’s remarkable performance takes into account a whole range of categories, from wildlife and scenic beauty to birding and bush credentials.

It was also voted as the best birding destination in Africa by the experts with the country having various bird species that you can easily spot.

The “Pearl of Africa” has so much that you can find within her boundaries and this include Uganda’s parks, from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where you will see mountain gorillas to Kibale where you can see chimpanzee species, Murchison Falls- home to the world’s most powerful waterfalls and Queen Elizabeth National Park where you will see the tree climbing lions.

Visiting these and other national parks, reserves, cultural sites and more will definitely give you that much desired un forgetable experience.

Travel experts are optimistic that Uganda will perform better in future surveys.

This is not the first time has been documented as the best country to go for a safaris in 2023, earlier this year, CNN published an article ranking Uganda as the top destinations anyone can visit in 2023.

The country has an activity for both the young and Adults. When its comes to its people, the country is known to have the most welcoming, friendly and hospitable citizens. For thrill-seekers, white rafting, bungee jumping or even gorilla trekking in Mgahinga or Bwindi is worth your time and more.

For travelers who are looking for a more relaxed experience, a game drive in some of the leading destinations in the country or boat cruise, natural is something we will definitely recommend.

Without forgetting, the country is a cultural melting point with a wide range of ethnic groups and visiting any of them, seeing how they do relate with each other is something you will enjoy.

If you are looking for a place to visit this season whether for a roadtrip, self drive Uganda or even guided tours, Uganda is a hidden gem that has a lot to offer regardless of your budget.

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