How passion drove Richard Mutibwa to start Likyadi Adentures

Mutibwa Richard Kalanzi is a young, vibrant and energetic university graduate of Information and Technology who discovered his passion in traveling and turned it into a money-making venture.

He is the founder and CEO Likyadi Adventures that started years ago, He says “I chose the Name Likyadi Adventures after a client wrote my name Richard as Likyadi and when I asked friends if I could use it, they all said yes because of it’s uniqueness”.

Making friends is one thing, and making friends who encourage you to do better is another thing! Richard’s friends noticed his love and passion for adventure and advised him to turn it into a money-making venture by starting up his tours and travel company.

Just like they say, it costs one nothing to try Richard takes us through insights of his first trip now as “Likyadi Adventures”. He said “I organised my first trip to Kalangala on a Easter weekend with a group of friends, actually my girlfriend and her friends”. sighs…. “I won’t say it was easy because I had a few challenges here and there like looking for contacts for accommodation in Ssese and everything was moving on well until I got to know that Mv Kalangala was going for repairs But I did not give up, I had to officially communicate to travelers so that they add some money and we use Mv Vanessa that is slightly expensive which they accepted”.

“The trip was fun apart from a few challenges here and there but my girlfriend told me not to give up since I had an upcoming trip to Sipi”. he adds.

He says as Likyadi Adventures, their successful trip so far has been the one to Sipi because everything from transport, meals and accommodation was on point and the clients rating was 10/10, they were very happy with our customer care. “I didn’t make any profit but as a startup, we made a name which is very important”.

When asked if they have had any unsuccessful trip, he said, “The unsuccessful trip was the “Fort Portal” one because it was a partnership and I think lack of communication between the two parties contributed to this”.

Mazima also got to learn that the just concluded Rotary/Rotaract Retreat between two major clubs of Lake Victoria and Nateete dubbed “The Hardnats and The Victorians” trip to Kalangala via Ssese has been the biggest and most successful tour organised by Likyadi Adventures that have rated them so highly.

They have future plans of acquiring their own travel vans so as to minimize the expenses of hiring transport means and channel that money back to the company.
Their lack of a website, strong publicity and proper location or address has cost them some opportunities.

“You can follow us on Instagram @likyadi_adventures and Twitter @LikyadiAdventu2”. He said, adding that
“At Likyadi Adventures, trust us we create an Adventure For You as our slogan says.”

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