Diamond Trust Bank And UWEC Name Baby Giraffe

Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) also known as Entebbe Zoo named a baby Giraffe today.

The animal was named Diamond which means PRECIOUS AND LOVED and the financial institution Contributed Ushs. 30 Million shillings towards the Baby Giraffe’s welfare.

Diamond was born in July 2022 to Seguya (male giraffe) and Mother Murchison who are both residents in the zoo. Diamond will be making a year in July 2023. Giraffes are large hoofed African mammals to the genus Giraffa. It is the tallest living terrestrial animal and largest ruminant on earth.  

This is in fulfillment of a UWEC Initiative to attract the private sector in conservation through taking up animal guardianship and support in conservation education.

DTB’s joined Entebbe Zoo in conserving nature as part of its Corporate Social responsibility initiatives and its agenda to improved conversation in communities it operates.

Diamond Trust Bank And UWEC Name Baby Giraffe
DTB Managing Director – Mr. Varghese Thambi (centre), staff from DTB with Uganda Wildlife Education Centre officials at the Giraffe naming ceremony held at Entebbe Zoo today

Speaking at the naming ceremony for Diamond, the DTB Managing Director; Mr. Varghese Thambi committed DTB’s support to communities and conservation in particular.

“Diamond Trust Bank believes that if the environment is well conserved, the people lives better. An ecosystem with wildlife adds a lot to humanity as it provides many remedies to human life.” Said  Mr. Varghese Thambi.

“For the things that the giraffe sees out there, to us as DTB, we see the future for the people that are banking with us and banking on us. For our services, we believe that we are like the giraffe looking ahead and that’s why we named it Diamond,” he adds.

UWEC was founded in the 1950s and serves as home to confiscated and injured wildlife and looks after orphaned animals confiscated from smugglers, the center has grown considerably in recent years.

Mr.David Musingo, the Acting Executive Director at Entebbe Zoo, says baptizing of the giraffe with a name means a lot to UWEC operations.

“This partnership is paving a way for conserving and passing on education to the young people and forthcoming generation,” he said.

He observes that UWEC will continue working with DTB in annual conservation events like international giraffe day aiming at creating awareness of the giraffes among the young growing generation in the country. The Entebbe Zoo was founded in 1952.

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