Buganda Kingdom partners with Tubayo Travel to enhance tourism

Tubayo Travel has partnered with Buganda Kingdom in a bid to enhance Cultural Tourism in Buganda and the Pearl of Africa at large.

Tubayo is an online travel marketplace centrally operating through its application and website to connect the Tour and Travel Industry to its consumers.

Located in central Uganda, Buganda Kingdom is one of the few standing monarchies in Africa with a history of about 700 years of existence. In Uganda, this is the most active kingdom today led by a supreme King locally known as the Kabaka. Sitting on 61,403.2 square kilometres of land and a home to approximately 12 million people, the kingdom accounts for 26.6% of Uganda’s general population.

A kingdom of this nature has a great deal to offer to the country’s tourism industry. Buganda kingdom is endowed with great heritage sites that include historic monuments from the popular tombs to other unique sites. In addition,the kingdom offers a rich culture to interact with and natural wonders.

All tourism activities of the Kingdom are overlooked by the Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board that serves as the Kingdom’s Ministry of Tourism. This board is chaired by Jane Nankabirwa Kabugo, with Daniel Yiga as the Vice Chairperson.

Buganda’s Tourism can be easily accessed with Tubayo. The Kingdom listed the activities that they have to offer under Tubayo experiences.

The experiences include; The Buganda Royal Mile, Bulange Tour, Visit the Kabaka’s Lake, Visit Fort Lugard, The Royal Palace Tour, and the Buganda Kingdom 360 Experience.

All these experiences range from UGX 11,000 to UGX 25,000 per person. Book your experience now with Tubayo and explore one of the cultures that mold Uganda.

Through Tubayo, guests and travelers can access over 500 types of accommodation and 300 experiences across the country.

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