Why everyone is installing these apps

Mobile applications are one of the reasons why smartphones are so much popular these days.

We have come up with these apps everyone should have on the phone especially for mobile marketing campaigns.

It’s essential to understand which apps are dominating the market, to know what your target audience is, and the best channels to connect with them.


Instagram is a free application available on both iOS and Android that offers an easy way to connect through images and videos, making it a powerful channel for advertisers to reach new and potential customers.

The stories feature captures videos and photos that automatically disappear within 24-hours. It also has an In-app video and photo editing, allows users to connect with brands and browse new products for sale.


TikTok is a popular application for lip-syncing, dancing, and creating short films. The app has automatic filters that make everyone look better on camera.

It allows users on different devices to create group videos and also enables users add on to existing viral videos. The app is free on both iOS and Android.


Facebook is continuously dominating the social networking scene freely. The app is one of the most popular apps on both Play Store and Apple Store with more than 4 billion downloads.

The app allows users to do everything except for messaging that is supported only by Facebook Messenger a companion app.


This free email service is one of the most popular apps allowing users to check their mail, compose and schedule emails among others. The app is used for communication, social media updates, and email marketing among other purposes.

The app has a simple interface making it usable by all ages and has over 3.9 billion downloads on iOS and Android.


Netflix is a subscription-based application accessible on mobile phone devices with over 204 million subscribers. Netflix updates the latest and most acclaimed movies and shows across many genres.

It gives suggestions based on the content users like, Offline viewing which lets users download shows and movies so they can view them later, parental control that allows parents to easily control the content their kids download.


Snapchat enables users to chat with other Snapchat users through sending messages, sharing photos, short videos, and a lot more. The app focuses on a person-to-person photo sharing model with a range of features like filters and stories.

A Snapchat Story is compiled of Snaps taken with visibility to all of your friends and users can explore events and a lot more by exploring the “Discover” feature. Snapchat does not have a web version, you can have its app on iOS and Android.


YouTube is the world’s most popular video platform that helps creators shoot and share their work with the world.

The app has video chapters that allow creators to break longer videos up into sections where viewers can jump to the chapters they want to view and skip past segments that don’t interest them.

The ‘subscribe’ button allows users to subscribe to a creator’s channel and users can receive notifications each time the creator posts a new video. The application is free with an option to purchase an ad-free subscription.


WhatsApp is a free popular app around the world that is used to chat, make calls, and communicate with about 1.5 billion users worldwide.

The app enables end-to-end encryption which helps keep users’ data safe, voice messages with no time limit, pin-dropping that allows users to share their live location with friends among others.


Zoom enables users around the world to arrange video calls for keeping in touch with colleagues, family or business purposes. The Covid-19 pandemic boosted the growth of this app in the global market.

Zoom is used for webinars and video meetings. You can schedule meetings with calendar integration, screen and application sharing, recording, and a lot more.

Google Search

Google is the biggest search engine in the world through which users can perform Google search for images, news, blogs, and everything a user could desire to do. Google is freely available on both iOS and Android.

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