WhatsApp Users can now UNDO Accidental ‘Delete for Me’ Messages

WhatsApp has rolledout a new feature to undo the “Delete for Me” action saving you the embarrasment when you accidentally delete a message only for you when it was initially meant to be deleted from ”everyone.”

This new feature called, ”Accidental Delete” introduces users to a five-second window to reverse back messages, acting as a safety net for WhatsApp users to correct mishaps or reselect how they want a message to be deleted either in groups or in an individuals inbox.

The feature is automatic, appearing as an “Undo” button on a floating bar at the bottom of the app after a user selects “Delete for me” on a message. From our testing, Accidental Delete only works with messages deleted for the user, so there’s still no way to restore messages deleted for everyone in a group chat. Once a message is restored, you can either choose to leave it up or else delete it again — for everyone this time. 

WhatsApp said its new offering would be available to all users on Android and iPhone. It was beta tested with some Android and iOS users in August, per a report by WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo.

Previously, if a user accidentally selected “Delete for me” instead of “Delete for everyone,” there was no way to access the message and select the correct deletion option — a distressing situation if you need to remove something sensitive from a group chat. Five seconds may not be long, but it’s enough time to quickly fix an uncomfortable mistake.

In 2017, WhatsApp introduced the “Delete for Everyone” option to let users recall a message for all people in a conversation. The feature was designed to address the issue of sending messages mistakenly in individual and group chats. Although the initial rollout of the option was limited to seven minutes, WhatsApp eventually extended that time limit to up to two days and 12 hours — or 60 hours — in August this year.

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