Ugandans Migrate to Truth Social Amid Twitter’s Restrictions

Over the weekend, Elon Musk announced that Twitter has applied temporary reading limits to discourage “extreme levels” of data scraping and system manipulation.

He further shared in a separate post, that the temporary reading limit will be increasing soon to 8,000 posts per day for verified users, 800 posts per day for unverified and 400 posts per day for new unverified users.

Hours later, Musk increased the limits to 10 000, 1 000 and 500 respectively.

The move irked many Ugandans using the microblogging App forcing them to join Truth Social as an alternative even after Twitter rescinding the policy.

Facts about Truth Social

This is the social media platform funded by former President Donald Trump and touted as an “open, free, and honest” alternative to the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Murmurings of a Trump-backed social media platform began circulating shortly after the former President was banned from most major social media apps in January 2021. Truth Social is available for iPhone and Android, with the latter getting a delayed release in October 2022.

How To Sign Up For & Use Truth Social

If someone’s interested in joining the platform, they can head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for ‘Truth Social,’ and download the Truth Social app from developer ‘T Media Tech LLC.’ Upon opening the app, tap ‘Create an Account,’ enter your date of birth, tap ‘Next,’ enter your email address, and tap the ‘Next‘ button again. At this point, Truth Social will send an email verification to ensure the email address you entered is valid. Open your email app, open the email from Truth Social, and tap ‘Confirm email address.’

Users are then prompted to create a password. Enter one that meets the requirements. Next, enter your cell phone number, and on the next page, enter the six-digit code sent via text message. Tap ‘Next,’ enter a username for the app, tap the toggle to agree to Truth’s terms of service, and tap ‘Finish.’ Users can now add a display name, profile picture, and header image.

Once someone gains access to Truth Social, they’ll be presented with an app that looks almost identical to Twitter. The ‘Feed’ page is a timeline of posts from other users. Users can reply to posts, like/heart them, and re-share posts with their followers. Posts on Truth Social are called ‘Truths’ instead of Tweets, and re-shares are called ‘ReTruths’ instead of Retweets. Truth Social also borrows from Twitter with a nearly identical app design, direct messaging, and the ability to follow/unfollow users.

While Truth Social says it’s a “social media platform that is free from political discrimination,” it’s pretty apparent that it’s geared heavily towards fans/followers of the former President. Trump’s support and promotion of Truth Social is bound to give it an edge over similar platforms like Parler, but whether it can legitimately compete with Facebook, Twitter, and other major players remains to be seen.

Can You Get Truth Social On The Website?

While most people will prefer using Truth Social on the iOS or Android apps, the good news is that it’s also available on the web. The website lets you sign up for an account, personalize your profile, and even enable two-factor authentication. Users can also post Truths from the website by tapping the ‘Compose‘ button at the bottom of the left sidebar.

A Truth can contain up to 500 characters, and users on the web can include up to four photos or a video by tapping the paperclip icon in the dialog box. Essentially, Truth Social’s website functions like Twitter does on the web, letting users view their feed, create new posts, send DMs, and engage with other users, just like they would on the official apps.

Is The Platform Free To Use?

At the moment, the app is completely free to use. An old rumor claimed that the platform would charge users $4.99 per week, but that has been debunked as fake. Subscriptions for social media app are a rising trend though. A Twitter Blue subscription starts at $8 per month, with the main draw for paying users being a verified Blue check. Subscribers also get additional features at this price, but the vast majority of Twitter is still free to use.

Things could change in the future, though. The company is struggling financially, and owes millions of dollars to investors. The platform has about two million users as of 2023, which is a comparatively tiny number compared to mainstream social networks.

Source: Screen Rant

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