Twitter To Introduce a new Tik Tok-like Feature on the Platfrom

Following the success of Tik Tok with its scrollable video feed, Twitter has also revealed the Tik Tok-like feature will soon be available for its users.

In a blog post shared a few days ago, the social network announced that it will be updating its video player and will also add a new Explore tab – where users will be able to watch suggested videos based on trends and content that the person might like. According to the company, these new features will give a new viewing experience and suggest engaging videos to its users.

Based on the first screenshots shared by Twitter, the new feature will work in pretty much the same way as TikTok. Once you open a video, it will play vertically in full screen. Users can then skip to the next video simply by swiping up on the screen.

If you want to exit the viewer and go back to the original tweet, you can click the back arrow in the top left corner.

Twitter added that it will start to roll out ‘immersive media viewer’ features in the iOS Twitter app over the next few days. The ‘Explore tab’ is currently available in the selected countries for both iOS and Android users.

Twitter began testing a TikTok-like video feed back in December 2021 to give users a more personalized Explore page. In this test, Twitter turned the entire Explore page into a video feed, complete with a “For You” tab. With the changes announced today, Twitter isn’t focused on replacing the entire Explore page with a TikTok-like feed.

These videos are associated with a tweet, and users will also be able to tap the screen to see the content of that tweet with quick access to the buttons to reply, retweet, like, and share. According to Twitter, videos have become a “huge part of the public conversation” on the social network. The company says that videos shared on Twitter have “billions of combined views every year.”

The feature however, isnt a suprise for anyone whos been using the platform. Other social networks like Instagram learned this the hard way, as it was essentially forced to walk back its TikTok-like full-screen home feed a few months ago due to immense backlash from users. It’s possible that Twitter wants to avoid a similar situation, which is why it’s opting to add a more controllable experience when it comes to scrollable video feeds.

It seems this is not the only feature te platform is working on. The company has also been experimenting other new features such as a small number of users now having access to the number of views on regular tweets.

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