Twitter adds co-hosting feature to spaces

By Mariah Nanah

Twitter spaces has added a co-hosting option to the social audio feature. Hosts who need to add followers need to open a room and invite up to two co-hosts to share duties in the room.

According to Twitter, the option is designed to make things easier for the host. The co-hosts have similar control over the room, share the ability to invite and remove speakers from the stage. 

Spaces hosts will be able to easily add co-hosts from the ‘Guests’ tab at the bottom of the Spaces screen. Within that tab, you’ll see a new ‘Invite co-hosts’ option highlighted in blue, which when tapped, will enable you to search through those attending your Space and add that user as a partner host.

Co-hosts can aid with tasks such as inviting speakers, managing requests, pinning tweets and removing participants. They will also be able to remove guests and if you’re going to host a massive Space, then having additional hands to moderate the discussion could be of help in the process.

The ability to pin tweets could be big in this regard, enabling your co-host to add contextual elements to the discussion in order to better illustrate key points, without the speaker having to be distracted from the presentation.

Twitter first announced that co-hosts for Spaces were coming in March, in response to user requests. It’s taken a couple of months to develop, but even that is significantly faster than Twitter’s traditional dev cycle, or at least what it has been in times past.

And with the platform now looking to press its advantage over Clubhouse on this front, it makes sense for Twitter to  act quickly, and ensure that it’s meeting user demand to help maximize Spaces usage.

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