Top technical skills on demand in the digital era

Tech companies and other organizations in the digital economy are realising that digital skills are vital for employees in the digital era.

It is therefore important than ever that new employees have both hard and soft skills.  For whatever job you are interviewing for, recruiters are looking out for a wider skill set and broader experience in their new hires.

What are tech skills?

Tech skills are hard skills that are necessary to perform specific job-related tasks. They may involve specialized knowledge and expertise in information technology, computers, research, analytics, programming, marketing, design, security and computer science among others.

Some of these practical skills below will help you achieve in technology careers and careers that value technology-related knowledge;

Cloud computing

Cloud computing involves delivery of computing services like data storage, networking, web servers, database management systems, marketing automation and business analytics among others over the Internet or the “cloud.”

Cloud computing skills are useful in careers as a full stack developer, senior software engineer, cloud engineer, Java developer and software architect.

Software engineering

Software engineering is a form of computer science that applies engineering principles to the development of software. Software engineers can get jobs as IT consultants, game developers, multimedia programmers and web developers among others.

Software development

Software development is the process of using computer science principles and programming languages to create, test, debug and deploy all software and computer programs for client applications. Software development skills can assist you in your career as a web developer, database administrator, software developer or computer programmer.

Project management

Project management is leading a team to achieve goals and meet deadlines from the start of a project to its end-result. Project management skills are useful in careers as a consultant, software developer, computer engineer and information technologist. Project management skills are desired in construction, energy, healthcare, marketing and consulting.

Data analytics

Data analytics involves the process of storing, managing and using data to gain valuable information and insights. Jobs that use data analytics skills include business intelligence analysts, data analysts, data engineers, data analytics consultants and IT systems analysts.


Programming uses a formal language to essentially tell a computer what to do or how to solve problems. Without programming, computers are unable to perform tasks of any kind. Jobs that use computer programming skills include computer systems engineers, business intelligence analysts, software application developers, database administrators and software quality assurance (QA) engineers.

Computer graphics

Computer graphics is the act of creating digital images in the form of pixels drawn on a computer. Computer graphics skills are useful in UI design, animation, web design, video editing and graphic design.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is advertising using digital technologies, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other digital platforms. It’s the act of using digital media channels, such as search engines, websites, email, social media and apps to deliver information and promote products, services and brands.

Jobs that use digital marketing skills include content managers and strategists, SEO and SEM specialists, virtual reality developers, digital marketing managers and email marketing specialists.

Mobile development

Mobile development involves development for mobile devices, such as building mobile applications. Understanding programming languages, such as HTML and CSS, is also an important part of working as a mobile developer. Other jobs that use mobile development skills include mobile software project coordinators and IOS developers.


Virtualization is the act of creating a simulated version of computer resources instead of a physical or actual version. You can virtualize computer hardware, operating systems, servers, network resources and storage devices. Careers in virtualization include virtualization engineers, support engineers, cloud engineers, instructional designers and system engineers.

Network maintenance

Network maintenance involves tasks needed to keep a network running properly. It includes the ability to troubleshoot problems and provide solutions, knowledge of hardware and software installation and configuration, monitoring and improving network performance, securing the network against threats and planning for network growth.

Tech careers requiring network maintenance skills include network and computer systems administrators, IT networking instructors, integration developers, software and application engineers and computer maintenance technicians.

It is very important lately to acquire new skills in this digital era as it may expose you to even much better opportunities. Don’t wait to start, do it now.

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