Kommute’s competitive advantage in Uganda’s ridesharing space

The Kommute App is Uganda’s only platform that allows users to view, book, pay, and safely visit multiple destinations while also adding extra cash to drivers’ pockets through carpooling. Other ride-sharing services, such as Uber, are only available to cars within the private sector, not public vehicles.

The need

Do you remember how frustrated you were on that rainy day? Allow us to take you back to those curfew evenings when you were on a tight budget and every taxi that came your way was full. How does one catch a bus or even travel upcountry without having to cope with the city congestion? All of these road transportation issues are well known to us.

The idea of having to save and conveniently travel has been a decade’s head-spinning question.  However, we have cracked the code, done the research, and developed a solution—a ride-sharing app that will help you save money while also enjoying your travel days.

 Why Kommute!

While there are other ride-sharing apps on the market, they are geographically limited to Kampala and its suburbs, and none are designed to cater primarily for you to go beyond. And, that’s where we come in…

Our innovation (the Kommute App-which is available on both iOS and Android) is the long-distance travel partner you have been looking for. You no longer have to worry about travelling from Kampala to Mbale or Busia to Mbarara. We have made your furthest distances more enjoyable with ride-sharing. Anyone with a car can register on our platform to start sharing seats on their way to or from anywhere in Uganda. This simply means less traffic, lower costs and greater convenience. The days of haggling and standing on the roadside for hours waiting for the next taxi are over. All you have to do is book your next trip through the application, and when the trip timer dings-you hop in.

Affordability and long-distance travel convenience are our unique identifiers. Fares shouldn’t stop you from visiting your loved ones and going wherever you want to. That is why we are intentional about making it easier for you to travel to multiple destinations throughout Uganda, not just Kampala and its surrounding areas.

Is the Kommute App against buses and taxis in Uganda?

No, buses and taxis may appear to be direct competitors, but they are not. We see them as partners because we are committed to improving service delivery in the public transportation sector. As the pandemic presented unexpected challenges, Kommute provided a solution to the existing problems while allowing key players such as UTRADA (transport association) to advocate for the re-opening of public transport in Uganda.

Kommute is working closely with all these associations and their members to ensure that the app benefits them as well as the general public. As we continue to build partnerships with drivers through a commission model, we intend to have a better performing transport system during and post-pandemic. And to get the ball rolling, the Taxi drivers are not waiting any longer-they have already started registering on the platform to avoid delays and make it easier for their customers to book.

Kommute App Vs other ride-share apps in Uganda.

Here’s a comparison table with even more reasons why you should install our app:

Kommute AppOther ride-share apps
Travel CoverageInter-district connector (short & long distances)Only CBD areas (Kampala & its suburbs)
Commissions charged$0.37 per passenger25% commission per trip
ChargesFair publishing & negation (drivers set their rates)The platform dictates the amount.
Trip paymentsMultiple cashless payment options and payments made in advanceLimited options and payments made at the end of the trip
Targeted VehiclesCaters to all kinds of passenger vehicles (Matatus, Taxis, Buses, Coasters, Boda-bodas) and drivers.  Only specific automobiles.  

Note: With the Kommute App, a user can choose to be a driver or a passenger; however, if a user wants to be a driver, they must submit Know Your Customer (KYC) documents and wait for approval before they can drive.


There is only one way to solve bus park congestion, high transportation fees, and limited ride options: Download the Kommute App today. It is free for both android and iOS users. We’ll get you where you need to go, whether you’re following your heart or your busy schedule. Feel free to leave any reviews or questions in the comment section.

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