How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

Unlike deactivating your account, which is temporary, deleting a Facebook account is permanent and anyone who wishes to use the social platform again, will be required to sign up for a new account. 

Also take note that once your account is deleted, you won’t be able to retrieve its contents or any information shared on Facebook or Messenger including all your messages.

TIP: Before quitting, you might want to download your photos and export other data you would want to keep.

In this article, we’ll take you through all the steps you need to take to delete your Facebook account on Android, iOS, and Desktop.

Let’s roll:

Via Android App

Step 1: Tap the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner (represented by three horizontal lines). 

Step 2: Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy.

Step 3: Select Settings.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Your Facebook Information section and tap Account Ownership and Control. 

Step 5: Tap Deactivation and deletion. 

Step 6: Select Delete account and Continue to account deletion.

Step 7: Choose a reason for deletion, or tap Continue to account deletion to skip that step. If you pick a reason, Facebook will offer an alternative to deletion, such as managing notifications, changing privacy settings, blocking or reporting people, getting help with security, and finding more friends. 

Step 8: Facebook offers the option to deactivate your account instead if you want to continue using Messenger. You can save posts to your archive, downloading your information. It also shows you any apps you use Facebook to log in to and warns that those accounts could be deleted. 

Step 9: Tap Delete Account to proceed.

Via iOS App

Step 1: Start the Facebook app on your iPhone and tap Menu (three lines) in the lower-right corner of the screen. 

Step 2: Tap Settings & Privacy, then tap Settings.

Step 3: Under Account, tap Personal and Account Information. 

Step 4: Tap Account Ownership and Control. 

Step 5: Tap Deactivation and deletion.

Step 6: To permanently delete your Facebook account, select Delete Account, and then select Continue to account deletion.

Step 7: Facebook presents common issues that may boost your satisfaction with Facebook. If you want to explore ways to enjoy Facebook more, select an issue. If not, tap Continue to account deletion.

Step 8: Facebook offers more information on the ramifications of deleting your account and presents ways to download your information and save posts in your Archive. Explore these options if you like. When you’re ready, tap Delete Account.

On a Web Browser or Desktop Computer 

Step 1: On the Facebook home screen, click the downward arrow in the upper-right corner.

Step 2: In the menu that appears, select Settings & Privacy > Settings. (Note: You might need to select Settings & Privacy first to find Settings.)

Step 3: When the General Account Settings screen appears, click Your Facebook Information on the left navigation bar.

Step 4: In the information that appears on the screen, select View next to Deactivation and Deletion.

Step 5. On the next page, select Delete Account and then click Continue to Account Deletion. (Note: This area previously showed as Permanently Delete Account as shown in the image; Delete Account is the current wording.)

Step 6. A new screen gives you the option to Deactivate Account or to Download Info. If you have not yet downloaded the personal information (pictures, chat histories, posts, etc.) that you want to keep, choose Download Info and wait for the download to complete. Otherwise, click Delete Account.

Step 7: Enter your password when prompted and then click Continue.

Step 8: You’re prompted again to confirm you want to delete the account. Click Delete Account.

Your account will be temporarily deleted, and you are returned to the log-in screen.

Note: Be sure you really want to delete your Facebook account before you do it. After 30 days, you will not be able to recover a deleted account. Consider opting for Deactivate account for a less permanent solution.

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