Chipper Cash teams up with Burna Boy to launch US-Africa instant payments

Chipper Cash, the fastest-growing African fintech that facilitates free local peer-to-peer (P2P) and instant cross-border payments in Africa, officially launched in the United States. The mobile app will enable instant peer-to-peer (P2P) payments from the US to 8 countries in Africa and the UK.

Payments from the US to Nigeria are free. From San Francisco, Chipper Cash teamed with its global ambassador Burna Boy to announce its entrance into the US, and its integration as part of Twitter Tips to move money to support African creators and thought leaders. The Chipper Cash app is now available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and via Twitter Tips.

Chipper Cash was founded in San Francisco in 2018 by Ham Seunjogi of Uganda and Maijid Moujaled of Ghana. Since its launch, the platform has helped increase access to financial services in Africa, decreasing the reliance on cash for daily payments. The money transfer technology provides the safe, free, and legal movement of money in-country and across the continent through an easy, secure, and fast platform.
Scaling quickly, Chipper Cash received $100 million in Series C funding in June 2021. As it enters the US market through the app stores and Twitter Tips, the platform already reaches over 4 million users globally, with 30,000 daily new users, and up to 100,000 transactions processed per day.

Recently launched in the US and UK, major diaspora countries, and further across South Africa, the network is more widely available across continents and seven African countries including Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria. Entrepreneurial and award-winning musician Burna Boy joins the US launch as a Global Ambassador for the app that has become a financial institution across the African diaspora.

“After experiencing the diaspora as a touring musician, it’s exciting to see how Chipper Cash connects the world to those contributing to the rich creativity and culture in African countries,” said Burna Boy.

“I’m proud to be a part of the platform’s rapid growth and expansion into the US to move money safely and affordably back into the African continent.” Chipper Cash CEO Ham Serunjogi said, “Burna Boy is a global artist who has played a pivotal role in unlocking the potential of an interconnected African economy. With Chipper, we can collectively empower and enable easy payments that drive trade, commerce, and culture on iOS, Android, and the Twitter Tips.”

Upon downloading the app, new users create a free Chipper account. This verification process is done through a simple and easy-to-follow process commonly referred to as KYC, for know-your-customer, where users submit an identity document, such as a driver licence or valid passport. After verification is complete, users can then connect their existing online bank account to their Chipper Cash profile and start transacting. All personal information and transaction data are stored under secure encryption to protect against all unauthorized access.

Chipper Cash is available for download, for free, on iOS and Android. Twitter Tips is rolling out to people on iOS first and then people on Android in the coming weeks. If a Twitter account has turned on Tips, users will see an icon next to the Follow button on the profile page. Tap the icon, and Chipper will be listed as a payment option, if the user has enabled it.

Chipper Cash was founded in 2018 with the aim to “chip away” at the problem of inaccessible financial services, a high population of underbanked consumers, reliance on hard money for daily commerce and the difficulty of cross-border transactions.

Today, Chipper Cash is connecting Africa one transaction at a time with an easy-to-use mobile app that makes money transfers fast, secure and free. Whether it’s sending money home to support your family, running a cross-border business or paying local expenses, Chipper Cash saves time, money and opens up new opportunities for Africans everywhere.

With plans for rapid expansion, the Chipper Cash mobile app is currently available to consumers and businesses in seven countries. Headquartered in San Francisco, California and with offices across the globe, Chipper Cash delivers fair financial services that make the lives of millions of Africans better in a small way, every day.

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