Airtel Uganda Network Now 5G Ready

Airtel Uganda has officially launched its upgraded smartphone network to a trailblazing 5G technology across the country.

This development was announced by the Telecom Managing Director, Manoj Murali in a press conference at Airtel Uganda’s head offices on Clement Hill in Kampala.

 5G is the fifth generation mobile network that enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices at very high speeds.

It delivers higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users.5G can support a significant higher number of devices per square kilometer compared to the existing 4G technologies.

This makes 5G the suitable network over which remote teams can collaborate to undertake tasks like surgery, shared online school classes, farmers can share live video farming tips, engineering tasks over video and stream gaming and other entertainment experiences.

The 11 towers that have been so far successfully tested with the 5G technology in Uganda include areas such as Industrial area, Garden City Area, Upper Kololo, Clement Hill, Hannington Road, Lower airstrip Kololo and Wampewo Avenue.Officials from the company said customers with 5G compatible devices can now enjoy the 5G experience using their existing 4G SIM Cards.

 All other Airtel sites across the country have been configured and are ready for deployment once the spectrum has been allocated.

While addressing the press on Wednesday, February 22, Mr Manoj said, “I am privileged to announce yet another Airtel first milestone in Uganda’s digital transformation journey. Airtel Uganda is now 5G ready.”

He added, “Since 2018, Ugandans have known us for a 4G network that covers this beautiful country border to border. Over this network, Airtel Uganda has delivered world-class affordable voice, data, and financial services. We are pleased to start yet another journey with you on 5G,” Manoj Murali said.

 He further revealed that Airtel has already applied for the required spectrum from the sector regulator, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). A Spectrum is a finite resource for the country and its use is regulated by the regulator.  

“According to the National Development Plan III, the use of ICT infrastructure is a key objective. An agile Smartphone network like Airtel Uganda’s is pivotal in the journey of Uganda’s Economic growth through digital and financial inclusion of every person. We are completely aligned to Uganda’s broadband Strategy and accordingly ready to launch 5G technology,” The Airtel Managing Director explained.

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