INTERVIEW: Riya Juices CEO, Rina Byonanebye narrates her story

Rina Byonanebye alias @FavouredMukiga a young graduate from Kyambogo University School of Management and Entrepreneurship takes deep into how she started her business.

“It was a Sunday at the hostel with my friends from Ntare league who invited me to go support their team known as (ScKalele ) in the Ntare league. When we reached I saw two guys selling juice, then I was like I can also do this. To take you back I had always wanted to do the entrepreneurial startup but in a different way ie opening up a shop around the central business district of Kampala (CBD) which seemed a dream since it was hindered by little or no startup capital. When I reached home I told my aunt about it she was like yes you can start and give it a try.” Byonanebye narrates.

“The following weekend my former high school had a Soccer Galla so I decided to begin from there. I borrowed 50k from a friend bought fruits then my auntie bought the disposable cups and sugar for me, weekend reached I went and worked.” she added.

“The point to note is that the feedback from spectators, referees, Linesmen as well as footballers gave me very amazing feedbacks and immediately they started asking me where I work from I told them it was my first day they encouraged me to go on with the idea. My next plan was to look for any league that didn’t have a juice person,” says Byonanebye.

The former Kyambogo student further advises young people to pursue their dreams while explaining that every business has ups and downs.

“It was from then that I got connected to the Chaapa (Mbarara High School) league and I have never looked back. Everyone welcomed me and supported me and this was like my turning. From there I started getting some openings from different people in small leagues. I should say it’s not a smooth ride it also has ups and downs like any other business but that shouldn’t halt you from starting any idea you have in mind, I get my support customers from social media ie (Twitter) these people have really supported me so much, recommendations from my previous customers and friends and also move around different football pitches and gathering looking for customers,” she said.

According to Byonanebye, she works and does everything alone from her relative home in Kisasi due to the little capital. She adds that she was inspired by passion, stability, and opportunity and so she decided to utilize it.

“I’m open to funding, partnerships, contracts, opportunities to serve and advise” She confessed.

When asked about where she sees her business in years to come she said “I look forward to a successful two or more juice bars located in different places around the country able to employ other people which is joining a cause to end unemployment in Uganda my motherland,”

“Am on major social media platforms including; Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as Riyajuice . Contact me on 0777803898/0704874904 you can disturb me with your orders.” She added.

My last remarks to all young unemployed and fresh graduates is; the business competition is stiff and challenging but that shouldn’t stop you from starting since the first road to success is dreaming big and you start, the sky is the limit,” Byonanebye concluded.

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