#FindYourDigitalVoice: Digital Marketing enthusiasts to discuss operating online businesses

There is no doubt that many youths in Uganda spend a lot more time on social media than they are willing to admit. Social media can change your life, if you use it well. Unfortunately, many people waste precious time watching videos and laughing at memes.

What if I told you that you could make social media work for you, and even get paid.

There are so many opportunities to start a business online and become financially independent, support those you love and make an impact or contribution to society.

However, with lots of information available online it’s easy to get lost in the chaos.

With a passion to educate, inform and guide youth to take advantage of these digital opportunities, Joy Akatukunda thought of an idea to bridge the information gap.

#FindYourDigitalVoice is a series of upcoming weekly Twitter spaces organized by Joy Akatukunda, a digital marketer, social media influencer and content curator. The first discussion will be held tomorrow 28th September 2021 under the theme, “Running a digital business: online brands changing the shape of business in Uganda.”

The Twitter Space will be hosted by Kwizera Laban Markinon from 8-10 pm. Joining the space are speakers including; Albert Katruguma; a digital marketing executive, Patience Ankunda; Founder Afrocanfit, Micheal Lubowa; Founder Boqwana Media, and Stephen Obeli; Founder Kweli.shop.

#FindYourVoice series will cover topics including but not limited to: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, operating online businesses, influencer marketing, email marketing, building a personal brand and so much more.

This could be your chance to learn more about how others are making a living from digital platforms and get the ideas or knowledge you need to start something of your own.

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