UPL Commends KCCA FC For Suspending Vulgar Fans

Bernard Bainamani, the Chief Executive Officer-CEO of the Uganda Premier League has welcomed the decision of KCCA FC to suspend two of its fans found guilty of using vulgar language. Recently, KCCA FC decided to suspend Jalia Namuswe and Amina Kikomeko for using vulgar language during their games. 

The decision was reached with the help of the KCCA fan’s executive. In a statement, the Club indicated that the two fans had been identified as the main instigators of the use of foul language. “M/S. Jalia Namuswe is henceforth banned from all KCCA FC home games for a period of two (2) years. The culprit who did not show up for the hearing served a one-year ban in 2020 for a similar offense,” reads part of the statement   

In an interview with URN, Bainamani noted that every club has the responsibility to address the growing vice of hooliganism in local football. He noted that this issue not only impact the fans but also the players who participate in the sport.  

“We were very happy when we saw that decision by KCCA FC. Certainly, the use of vulgar language at matches is dangerous to the game it chases away the young fans who come with their parents, they embarrass people and spoil the product,” he told URN.     

“What KCCAFC has done is what we want to see all clubs do especially those that are associated with hooligans. We want to see clubs coming out to suspend all hooligans because there are some clubs that are covering them,” he added  

While the ban only applies to home games within KCCA FC’s jurisdiction, the Lugogo-based team explicitly stated that the culprits are prohibited from associating with KCCA FC fans even during away games.  

In the same development, Bainamani said the Uganda Premier League secretariat will involve the FUFA disciplinary panel in order to ensure that the two offenders are prohibited from attending any Premier League-authorized matches.  

“We as the league shall also have to engage the FUFA Competitions disciplinary panel so that we can announce cross-cutting punishment because as a club they have done their part, but these hooligans can go to other stadiums and do the same things there”  

This is not the first time Jalia Namuswe has been suspended for the same offense. In 2020, FUFA suspended Namuswe from attending any football match in any division for a year after she was captured on camera insulting referee, Ssali Mashood.  

Based on this, Ahmed Kongola, the CEO of Kyetume FC, has called for a life ban for any such supporter found guilty of using filthy language, claiming that suspending them for a small period will not change the status quo.    

“What KCCA did is very recommendable, for us in football, we are trying to sell this brand back to the public. We are fighting hard to make sure that fans return to the stadia”, he said.  “We must put their heavy punishments, suspending somebody not to watch games is not enough, it is a bit soft because it is not a first-time offense. I think we need to ban them, life ban,” he told URN.

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