Uganda Registers Increased Number of Female Athletes-UAF

There is a remarkable increase in the number of female runners in the country. According to the Uganda Athletics Federation-UAF, Uganda has witnessed an upsurge in the number of female athletes since 2005. 

UAF notes that there are currently over 200 female athletes in th country comprising the elites and upcoming. Francis Demayi, the National Coach of the Uganda Athletics Federation, attributes the development to the establishment of Athletics clubs and training Camps, which has provided an opportunity for female athletes to expose their talents. 

“The increased number of training camps and international Sports agencies in Uganda for example Rossa Sports Agency, Global sports communication management among others, combined with the success of the recent female Athletes has played a significant role in inspiring others,” he said. He also noted that the innovation of rewarding excelling female athletes has equally contributed to the number of athletes.

Demayi notes the need for sports promoters and the federation to give priority to female runners in terms of social support and education. Grace Chesang, the UAF national female coach says the existence of coaches helps in spotting, mentoring, and nurturing the talents of female athletes.  

“When I started running in the early 90ths, coaching was a challenge and you could just do what you think is right at a particular moment,” said Chesang.        

Peruth Chemutai, the 3000m steeplechase Tokyo Olympics gold medalist says that the success of some male athletes like Stephen Kiprotich and Moses Kipsiro inspired her to athletics. 

“When I watched Stephen Kiprotich in the 2013 Moscow world championships and win, I admired to also be like him at one point and that’s how I joined athletics,” said Chemutai.

Joshua Cheptegei, the reigning 10000 and 5000m world record holder, said this is the right time to safeguard the Girl child from early marriages and enhance the number of female coaches in the region to help ladies remain in the sport for a long time.

The 2022 Tokyo Olympics games saw the number of female athletes raise from 1 to 12. This was the biggest number of female runners sent by Uganda to the Olympic Games since making their first appearance in 1956 in Melbourne, Australia.

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