Uganda Netball Federation President, Sarah Babirye Kityo Returns to Office

Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) President Sarah Babirye Kityo has returned to office amidst tension.

In April, Kityo was asked to step down by the Minister for Education and Sports, Janet Museveni, in a meeting attended by National Council of Sports-NCS General Secretary Patrick Ogwel, State Minister for Sports following allegations of corruption, mismanagement of funds, and mistreatment of players during the 2021 Pent Series, including serious accusations of player harassment.

The meeting was after Kityo accused Ogwel of seeking kickbacks whenever funds were disbursed to the Federation. Ogwel on the other hand accused Kityo of failing to account for the funds allocated to the Federation.

Kityo was asked to step down for three months to allow for a thorough investigation in order to restore integrity in the Federation.

On Friday several delegates turned up at offices in Old Kampala to receive Kityo. However, armed policemen ordered Kityo to leave the premises without disclosing the source of their instructions.

Shortly after, the Uganda Netball Federation Vice President Brig Flavia Byekwaso, who acted as President during Kityo’s absence, arrived and demanded Kityo produce a letter authorizing her return to office.

However, Kityo said that she did not require a letter to resume her duties as she had never received an official letter suspending her.

Kityo was later seen speaking on the phone and moments later Byekwaso and the armed policemen left the premises.

Addressing journalists Sarah Babirye Kityo expressed shock at finding armed security personnel at her office.

Kityo’s return to office happened a few hours before the official send-off of the Senior National Netball team, the She Cranes, who are set to participate in the Netball World Cup later this year.

Asked about the impact of the chaos on the national team’s preparations for the prestigious netball event, Kityo reassured that there is no cause for concern as everything is under control.

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