UBF Operations Paralyzed as Office Remains Locked over Rent Arrears

Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) offices remain under lock and key.

The offices located at the MTN Arena within the Lugogo Sports Complex were closed last month over unpaid rent arrears of 10 million Shillings.

UBF pays 500,000 shillings a month in rent which therefore means that at the time NCS closed UBF’s offices, the Federation has spent nearly two years without paying a single coin for rent.

Moses Muhangi, the UBF President says that the closure of the offices has affected the day-to-day running of the federation.

“It affects our operations, our secretariat is not doing its work, of course, we thank God that some things had gone digital, so we are able to run the digital way using the internet, but the things that require our physical presence are being messed up,” Muhangi said.

Throughout this year, tensions have escalated between Muhangi and the General Secretary of the National Council of Sports Dr. Patrick Bernard Ogwel.

Muhangi accuses Ogwel of unfair funding practices towards sports federations. He alleges that the NCS deliberately withheld funds from UBF while providing financial assistance to other federations.

Muhangi said that they are waiting for NCS to open the offices despite confirming that they have since opted to leave the Lugogo sports complex.

He however said that the current situation is challenging, considering the fact that NCS that closed UBF offices, owes the federation more than 800 million Shillings as part of the funds allocated by the government for the Federation in this financial year.

“It is challenging because the person who locked the offices is supposed to be our development partner, being able to understand each other. They know very well they have money they are supposed to give to us for the whole year, so they should be the first people to understand why we have had delays in paying.” He said.

The closure of the offices comes at a time when the Federation is struggling to get funds for the Uganda Boxing Team-Bombers, for the upcoming African Boxing championship that will take place in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Muhangi says that they have already submitted their budget to NCS but are yet to get a response.

But Ogwel, says that NCS is addressing the issue but refrained from providing further details “Being handled at the highest level, we have done our part as NCS,” Ogwel said.

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