She Cranes Coach has no Contract-Minister Ogwang

State Minister for Sports, Peter Ogwang, has reacted to concerns about the contract of the She Cranes Head Coach, Fred Mugerwa. According to Ogwang, Mugerwa has not held an official contract with the Netball Federation since his return to lead the national team.

These concerns arose in light of Coach Mugerwa’s recent statement that he had not received any salary from the Netball Federation for nearly two years. Despite achieving notable successes, such as winning the Africa Pent series, securing second place at the African championship, and attaining a fifth-place finish in the netball world cup, Mugerwa revealed his work had been unpaid.

Speaking emotionally at Serena Hotel, where the She Cranes were welcomed after their impressive performance in the world cup, Mugerwa hinted at the possibility of stepping down due to the lack of proper compensation. Netball President Sarah Kityo did not dispute Mugerwa’s statement. It’s important to recall that when Mugerwa was introduced in October 2021, Kityo mentioned that he and other candidates underwent technical interviews.

Mugerwa was subsequently signed on for a two-year term; however, details regarding his salary were not disclosed. In a recent tweet, Ogwang clarified that Coach Mugerwa has been operating under a mutual understanding with the Netball Federation.

“So, he has been receiving allowances from the Federation whenever he is on duty, including the recent successful campaign in South Africa. In the interim, we shall have to compel the Federation to sign a temporal contract with the coach so that he is fully entitled to a monthly salary,” added Ogwang.

Currently, it is only the Uganda Cranes head coach, who is getting a salary, which is reported to be around US$ 24,000 approximately Shillings 85 million a month. However, URN could not independently verify the figures nor get information on the salary of any other National team coach.

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