Micho vows to do his best as Uganda Cranes boss

Serbian tactician, Multin Sredejovic Micho who is currently serving as head coach of the Uganda national football team, the Cranes has promised to do his best after signing a new contract. Micho was in charge of the Cranes team for four years between 2013 and 2017 before throwing in the towel over unpaid salary arrears.

While speaking at his official unveiling ceremony on Tuesday, the 51 year old confessed that he is happy to be back in Uganda, adding that he wants to deliver his best.

“I was football-wise born in Uganda and I am happy to be back .I want to live every single moment here to I want to deliver my best so that when I leave, I am happy as others are sad,” Micho said.

Micho further told journalists that he had to choose economic stability over football stability following his decision to leave Uganda Cranes for Orlando Pirates.

“When I left (for Orlando Pirates), it was not in a pleasing way because I had to choose between two roads of football soul and economic stability. The road of football soul got wounded by choosing the other road of economic stability. Going with that road, I was for four years waiting for the day of healing my wounded soul,” he said.

“At that time I was at crossroads and want to make it clear that I would like to apologise and thank the president (Magogo) and FUFA for clearing everything.” He added.

Micho also noted that leaving Uganda Cranes gave him lot of experience, adding  that he wants to share part of it with the Cranes.

“Coming back here, I believe I am a more improved version of a coach due to experience(earned) that if you are not passing through it, you cant know of. If that time( 2017) had 256 gigabyte, now I am on terabytes,” he said.

“I want to go to the deepest attention touching everything with Ugandan football. I have come back in a multi-approach of accountability, transparency and responsibility to save football in Uganda from the crossroads that we are in,” he added.

 FUFA president, Eng. Moses Magogo said the Serbian tactician returned as a refined and better person than he was back then.

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