Kiplimo, Cheptegei in Joint Preparations for New York City Half Marathon

Two reigning Ugandan long-distance runners have merged their training schedules ahead of the New York City half Marathon. Jacob Kiplimo, the reigning  World cross-country champion, and Joshua Cheptegei, who finished third at the just concluded cross-country championships in Bathurst Australia, are jointly preparing for the New York City half Marathon slated for March 19th, 2023 in the United States.

The duo is undergoing the half marathon training in Kapchorwa under the supervision of their personal coaches, Addy Ruiter and Patrick Cheboto. Kiplimo believes the joint training schedules can help them overpower their immediate rivals from Ethiopia and Kenya during the race. 

“Running side by side with your country mate, especially the one the opponents fear most is an advantage in terms of the game plan during the race,” Kiplimo told the Uganda Radio Network in Kapchorwa. Cheptegei commends the joint training as a strategy for better performance at the most Cherished half marathon event. 

According to Cheptegei, merging their preparation program is a sign of brotherhood in the sport despite their affiliations with different international management. “Merging the training schedule ahead of the event also shows our international management agencies that, sports is a unifying factor,” he said.

Uganda radio network has learned that the duo has not been training together in the past years, when it comes to management competitions, except when they are preparing for a world championship, which demands them to run as a team.

Both stars confirmed their presence at the event on their social media platforms last week. Kiplimos coach local Patrick Cheboto, says the duo is following the same marathon training schedule until they leave for the event. “Everything is under control and we expect great performance during the hotly contested event,” he said.

Addy Ruiter, Joshua Cheptegei’s management coach says, the spirit of the duo teaming up in such a big event predetermines the victory upon them. “When you watch the previous races where the two were together, it gives the competition gist of what it deserves,” said Ruiter.

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