Kigezi Home Boyz Eject Booma FC from Uganda Cup

Kabale-based Kigezi Home Boyz football club has ejected Masindi Based football club from the ongoing Uganda Cup with crushing a 2-1 defeat. 

In the game played on Friday evening at Kabale Municipal stadium, both teams showed strength, as Joseph Seremba netted in the side of Booma FC in the 37th minute and Booma FC’s Ashraf Agaba equalized the 44th minute and the first half ended with 1-1.

In the 62nd minute of the second half, Muniru Mutungi headed inside Booma FC’s net giving chance Kigezi Home Boyz FC to defend the lead-up to the referee’s last whistle. 

Kigezi Home Boyz FC now qualifies to join the round of 32

Speaking to our reporter after the game, Acrum Nahabwe, Kigezi home Boyz FC’s team captain says that the players have been closely studying the style Booma FC’s players in Federation of Uganda Football Association FUFA Big League and training how to counter it.       

Nahabwe says that fortunately, their countering tricks have led to success. He says that the team is focusing to win in the coming round of 32.   

But Denis Omedi, the team captain for Booma FC blamed the loss on one of the side referees (liners) whom he says was a bit biased and refereed in favor of the Kabale-based team.  

He also says that the team had less time to prepare for this game since it is also busy playing in FUFA big league compared to the Kabale-based team which plays in the regional league.       

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