You are Not Special-AIGP Byakagaba Tells Counter-Terrorism Officers

The Director of counter-terrorism police AIGP Abas Byakagaba has cautioned police officers serving under his directorate against an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

Byakagaba said that counter-terrorism police officers are not a distinct unit but a cohesive entity that is dependent on the strength and capabilities of other units in the entire force. He was speaking at the pass out 78 counter-terrorism who have completed a course in intelligence transport monitoring system (ITMS).

The 78 police officers were trained by a Russian Global Security company at the Uganda Police ICT Research, Development, and Innovation Centre in Kikandwa. Byakagaba urged officers to utilize their newly acquired skills to elevate service delivery and efficiency in policing.

“In today’s global village, survival hinges on self-improvement and skill acquisition to secure our people, we need to embrace that,” Byakagaba said, and urged the police officers to explore all opportunities that would make them a multipurpose force.

Yusuf Ssewanyana, the director of ICT in the Uganda Police Force said that acquiring knowledge in ITMS serves as a crucial foundation for the existing expertise in the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system.

He explained that ITMS is a fusion of sensing, analysis, control, and communication technologies, which enhances ground transportation safety, mobility, and efficiency with a comprehensive security solution.

Police added that ITMS employs advanced video management, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and facial recognition technology to ensure a secure environment.

“The insights gained in ICT will pave the way for optimizing the work of the Uganda police force through digitalization and automation, extending to projects like CCTV and others,” Ssewanyana said.

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