Ykee Benda Says He Doesn’t Know Where Dre Cali is Hiding

Musician Ykee Benda has said he doesn’t know where his protégée Dre Cali who until recently was signed to Mpaka Records in hiding.

Dre Cali went underground after a label named Wyse Technologies came up to accuse him of entering into a new contract with Mpaka yet he was signed to their label. Wyse slapped the artiste with the intention to sue and demanded 80 plus Uganda shillings as compensation.

According to Ykee, Dre Cali has not been available to him since that day. “In January, he stopped coming to office. I reached out to him on WhatsApp and he said he was sick. When I told my people to go and check on him, he asked them not to visit him as he was already fine and that he would be coming to office soon. He didn’t and his phones went off. They have been off since then,” Ykee said in an interview.

Dre Cali is said to have fled to Canada.

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