Working With NRM is Paying Off—Nobert Mao

Democratic Party President Nobert Mao has said that his political relationship with the ruling party, National Resistance Party (NRM) is yielding results as opposed to dealing with the opposition in Uganda.

Mao says working with NRM is going to help DP capture power. He says there is a lot of division in the opposition making it hard almost impossible to capture. It is because of the divisions that he says he has started to harmoniously work with NRM.

So far, he says, the NRM has agreed to back DP’s Gerald Siranda for the EALA MP seat, which would not have been achieved if DP was not collaborating well with NRM. He made the statement while meeting party leaders in Mbale. He also criticized other parties for poaching members from DP which he said was not a sign of good comradeship.

He has recently been using Twitter to bash opposition leaders and various parties like the National Unity Platform and Forum for Democratic Change.

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