Woman Sedates Lweza Security Guards with Food for Thugs to Rob Them

Police have established that thugs easily raided a chicken farm in Lweza, Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality, after a female stranger served the two guards on sedated food that made them lose consciousness.

Justus Nuweatuha and one Oparu who are from to Gallant Security Company were attacked early Saturday morning at the chicken farm at Mutungo village, Lweza parish, by two armed thugs who found them unconscious and vanished with their rifle.

Although the guards’ narration was doubted at first, police have since established that a hidden Closed Circuit Television –CCTV camera installed by the poultry farm owner shows a young lady befriending the two guards and eventually serves them food.

“We saw a woman greeting us and offering us food,” Nuweatuha told police. “We did not know that it was chloroformed. We became sleepy after eating it. We were too weak and this happened slowly after we had eaten the food. We don’t know how she left.”

The food was served to the guards in the evening and they steadily lost conscious until the thugs arrived several hour later towards morning  picked their gun and attempted to access money in a safe where they suspected the owner  keeps cash earned from selling eggs and chickens.

But in the process of breaking the safe, Oparu regained some conscious and attempted to fight the attackers. He was badly assaulted and left for dead. The attackers who had already collected the rifle from the unconscious guards decided to leave the scene.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, said indeed CCTV cameras captured the woman serving the guards food. He added that even the attackers were recorded by the same cameras.

Owoyesigyire said upon receiving an alert about the attack, they deployed sniffer dogs that tracked the thugs’ movement. Police said the attackers targeted the money and after failing to get it, they dumped the gun a distance not far from the farm.

The Lweza incident also reveals private security companies continue to deploy hungry, ill trained and unsensitised guards with only one of them armed,  despite the several warnings by police leadership and calls to take them for [roper training.

Grace Matsiko the chairman of The Uganda Private Security Association –TUPSA puts the blame on clients who refuse to pay for two guns. 

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