Woman Held Over Mysterious Death of Lover

Homicide detectives are holding Nice Twikirize Mbabazi in connection to the death of her lover, Justus Rugyengye, a former resident of Mbalwa, Namugongo Division, Kira Municipality, in Wakiso district. 

Rugyengye died under mysterious circumstances on Thursday prompting his wife Charlotte Rugyengye to file a complaint at Bweyogerere police station. Charlotte was prompted to file a case at Bweyogerere police after learning that her husband had died and his body was lying at Gwatiro hospital morgue, Bweyogerere Division yet she had left him in perfect health at home. 

She informed police that she left Rugyengye at their matrimonial home in Mbalwa in the morning in perfect and went to Kajjansi where she serves as a Resident State Attorney. She explained that at around 3 pm, she decided to call her husband as she normally did but this time he did not pick up his calls.

“At around 4 pm, I received a call from one of my in-laws asking where I was and the time I would get back home. I asked why it was important to know where I was and the time I was going to get back home. I asked whether there was a problem and the in-law told me my husband had died. He also said he had received information from a medic at Gwatiro hospital,” Charlotte informed the police.

According to Charlotte, she rushed to Gwatiro hospital where she indeed saw her husband’s body in the morgue. She inquired how her husband had reached the hospital and doctors informed her that the deceased was delivered dead by a lady they identified as Nice Twikirize Mbabazi accompanied by Eria Serunkuma.

Armed with the names of the people who took her dead husband to Gwatiro hospital, Charlotte opened a case at Bweyogerere police station. The homicide detectives visited the hospital and reviewed footage from the Closed-Circuit Television -CCTV cameras.

“When we got details of the people who took this man to Gwatiro hospital, we looked for them to help in investigations. We arrested Mbabazi and Serunkuma. However, Mbabazi has told us that the deceased was also her partner and their seven years relationship yielded a baby who is now 9-months-old,” a detective said.

Police which had already opened a Death Enquiry File -DEF 005/2022 decided to make Mbabazi and Serunkuma record statements. Mbabazi said Rugyengye suffered an attack and collapsed in their sitting room. She added that Serunkuma is a special hire driver whom she called to help her rush the deceased to the hospital but they were informed that he had already died.

“I can’t kill the father of my nine months baby. I left him playing with the baby in the sitting room and I rushed to the Kitchen to prepare him lunch like I often did. He used to come for lunch to my home. But when I returned from the Kitchen, I noticed the baby was not being attended to and I saw him lying on the floor. The special hire I called delayed for about 30 minutes,” Mbabazi said.

Rugyengye reportedly owned rentals and retail shops in Namugongo and Bweyogerere. Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, said they are waiting for post-mortem results to establish what exactly killed Rugyengye.

“We opened a DEF as we wait for the post-mortem. But we arrested Mbabazi and Serunkuma to help in our investigations. The next step of action will depend on the post-mortem outcome,” Onyango said. Detectives have since established that the deceased’s matrimonial home and that of Mbabazi were both in Mbalwa. 

There is suspicion that Charlotte had never learned that Mbabazi leaves a stone’s throw away from her home. The maid who leaves with Mbabazi and allegedly helped in putting Rugyengye in vehicle registration number UBH 765S that took him to Gwatiro hospital has also recorded a statement.

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