Woman Arrested Over Boyfriend’s Death

A woman is in police custody in Jinja city in connection to the death of her lover. 

The suspect is 26-year-old Hellen Nyakecho, a resident of Masese II village in Jinja City Southern division. She was picked up on Wednesday and locked up at Jinja Central Police Station for the alleged murder of her boyfriend, John Ochen, 40.

It is alleged that Nyakecho and Ochen developed misunderstandings while drinking at a local joint. The duo fought amidst chanting from the crowd, which prompted one of the revelers to team up with Nyakecho to assault Ochen who collapsed and was rushed to an undisclosed private clinic for treatment.

He was, however, pronounced dead at midday. Agnes Nandudu, the Masese II village women’s council vice chairperson says that domestic brawls are on the rise due to increased cases of adultery.

“Most married people in our community have adopted the tendency of having multiple relationships outside their official marriages, which has since resulted in increased cases of domestic violence, where victims sustain severe injuries or die in the process,” she said.

The Kiira Region police spokesperson, James Mubi says that efforts of hunting down the male suspect who participated in the assault are underway. 

Mubi challenged the general public to opt for peaceful means of resolving their outstanding grievances rather than engaging in physical fights, which might result in permanent physical injuries, psychological torture, imprisonment, or death.

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