Woman Arrested in Luwero over Killing of Co-wife’s Daughter

Police in Luwero district has arrested Gift Namyalo for allegedly strangling to death her co-wife’s one-month-old daughter.

The incident occurred on Saturday at around 11:00 am at Kabembe village in Makulubita sub-county. The deceased has been identified as Moreen Nakirijja, a daughter of Betty Nakiyimba. 

Both Namyalo and Nakiyimba are co-wives of Brian Lule. It is alleged that Namyalo visited her mother-in-law and while there, she saw Nakiyimba going to fetch water.

She then rushed into Nakiyimba’s house where she found the baby and strangled her to death. She closed the door and reportedly started running away but was seen by one Ibra, uncle to the deceased who pursued her while raising an alarm that alerted the residents to arrest the suspect.

She was then taken to Makulubita police post in Luwero. Nakirijja’s body has been taken to Mulago city mortuary for postmortem.

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