Uthman Mugisa Declared Winner of Hoima LC V NRM Primaries

Uthman Kadir Mugisa has emerged the winner of the National Resistance Movement-NRM Party Primaries for the Hoima LC V Chairperson seat.

The victory of Mugisa, the son of the late former Hoima LCV Chairperson Kadir Kirungi, who lost his life in a motor accident earlier this year, marks a significant turning point in the local political landscape.

The NRM Electoral Commission Chairperson, Dr. Tanga Odoi announced Mugisa’s victory at the Kitoba sub-county headquarters in Hoima around 8:45 pm on Monday. Mugisa defeated five contenders in the by-election. He garnered 11,318 votes, which translates to 53.4 percent of the total votes cast.

His closest rival, Vincent Savana Muhumuza, secured second place with 8,897 votes, constituting 42.0 percent of the total votes, John Kwemara came third with 720 votes, Jackson Magambo Mulindambura came fourth with 126 votes while Moses Mutagwa Byahuka came fifth with 113 votes while Samuel Milton Byaruhanga trailed the pack.

Speaking shortly after being declared winner, Mugisa rallied the party members to maintain unity and strength. He urged his rivals to unite behind his candidacy to ensure an overwhelming victory for the NRM in the forthcoming general elections.

Dr. Tanga Odoi, emphasizing the significance of unity and focus, urged NRM supporters within the district to remain steadfast. He further urged the supporters of candidates who did not succeed in the election to align with the NRM manifesto and rally behind the chosen flag bearer in the general election.

David Maxwell Kaboyo, the Hoima District NRM Party Secretary, issued an appeal to all party members, including those who did not emerge victorious, to unite in support of the declared flag bearer, saying that such solidarity is crucial for securing victory in the final election.

Vincent Savana Muhumuza, who came second declined to comment when approached, stating that he was not yet prepared to address the outcome. The Hoima LC5 seat fell vacant following the passing of Kadir Kirungi, the former LCV chairperson, in a motor accident on March 17, 2023.

Kirungi and his bodyguard were involved in a collision with a Fuso truck along the Hoima-Kampala Road in Mataagi village, Bukomero town council, Kiboga district. As per the electoral commission’s roadmap, the polling and result tallying for the general elections are scheduled for September 14, 2023.

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