UPDATE: Police to arrest curfew violators starting today

Through their Deputy PRO Asp Luke Owoyesigyire, the police have noted with concern the alarming abuse of curfew time for both motorists and pedestrians.  According to a statement issued by Owoyesigyire, they will start arresting those found violating curfew guidelines in accordance with President Museveni’s directive.

“Businesses were reopened and people should be at their homes by 7pm in the evening. Boda bodas were also informed to stop operating at 6pm. On that note, we would like to inform the general public that Kampala Metropolitan Police will starting today, to heighten operations against those flaunting curfew.” Part of Owoyesigyire’s statement reads in part.

The statement further indicates that whoever will be found violating curfew guidelines, will be arrested, cars impounded and taken to courts of law for prosecution.  The Police advised members of the public to plan their schedule to avoid any inconvenience.

While reopening the country on Friday, President Museveni announced that Ugandans should be in their homes by 7pm except security officers and those authorized to move. Curfew runs until 5:30 in the morning.

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