Umeme buys utility poles from local suppliers – Spokesperson clarifies

By Mariah Nanah 

The Umeme spokesperson, Peter H Kaujju has come out to clarify on claims that the power distributor imports utility poles from South Africa. According to a statement released by Kaujju, the company sources all poles from local Ugandan certified pole treatment plants.

Kaujju’s communication has come following a story that aired on NTV Uganda on Sunday suggesting that Umeme, Uganda’s leading power distributor imports utility poles from South Africa.

Umeme utilizes an average of 90,000 poles per annum, both  wooden and concrete. The  certified pole suppliers source their poles from tree plantation owners after amicably agreeing on the terms.

In their drive to conserve the environment, they have adopted other pole technologies including concrete poles which have a longer life span.

Kaujju also noted that Umeme remains committed to promoting Government’s local content policy dubbed Buy Uganda Build Uganda.

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