Ugandans Are Less Bothered About Terror Threats -Security

Security officials have expressed concern about the lack of concern among Ugandans regarding the existing terror threats.

This follows a spot inspection by the police and military to various crowded areas where they found many people going about their businesses normally, which jeopardizes their safety.

Brigadier General William Bainomugisha, the commander of the military police, and Senior Commissioner of Police Steven Tanui, the Kampala metropolitan police commander, conducted the patrols in different parts of the city to raise public awareness about terrorism and direct security operations aimed at preventing extremist acts.

These patrols were prompted by a terror alert issued by the UK. However, Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga has noted that many Ugandans do not seem to be bothered by the terror threat.

He has observed that people continue to visit shopping malls, arcades, markets, and schools seemingly unaware of the potential dangers. Even leisure places, clubs, and bars have not significantly increased security measures as one would expect.

Prior to the Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Secondary School terror attack, which was linked to the rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), the US issued a terror alert.

The incident occurred four days later and resulted in the loss of dozens of lives, including students and adults. Kampala also experienced four terror incidents in October and November 2021, resulting in the deaths of nine people, including three suspected suicide bombers. These incidents occurred shortly after the UK issued a terror alert.

Security forces have since arrested 34 suspected terrorists in Kisege village, Ntoroko district. According to Enange, the community members reported seeing strangers hiding in bushes and promptly alerted the security forces, who apprehended the suspects.

“The fight against ADF is continuous and our forces in Ntoroko managed to carry out a cordon and search operation in Kisege village. We managed to arrest 34 persons unknown to the local community. We got intelligence that there was suspected ADF hiding in Kisege. We continue to intensify our foot and motorized patrols,” Enanga said.

ADF terrorists are reportedly using porous borders in Kasese, Kibaale, Ntoroko, and Kabalore districts. Locals in areas such as Kisege, Nyabweya, and Muhwezi villages have been reporting suspicious individuals, leading to arrests.

“UPDF has killed one of the most wanted ADF commander Lubangakene with three of his counter fighters. The UPDF also recovered two guns and what is encouraging in this operation is that he [Lubangakene] was one of the most wanted terrorists for the many atrocities against children in DRC and Uganda,” Enanga said.

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