Uganda Evacuates 211 Nationals Safely from Sudan

Uganda has not recorded any deaths of its citizens following the ongoing conflict in Sudan between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), which started 10 days ago.

According to the Ugandan ambassador to Sudan, Rashid Yahay Ssemuddu, the embassy ensured that they reached out to all Ugandans in Khartoum, where most of the fighting occurred. They issued warning messages, directing citizens on where to go, where not to go, and to stay indoors.

The Embassy registered 300 Ugandans, including 18 embassy workers, 19 pilgrims traveling to Mecca, 120 students from Africa International University, 120 Ugandans working in Khartoum, and a few visitors.

The Ugandan government has since evacuated 211 of its citizens, who arrived in the country early this morning via Uganda Airlines’ Airbus. The evacuees traveled from Sudan to Ethiopia before flying to Bahalda Airport, where Uganda Airlines picked them up.

According to Ambassador Ssemuddu, all the evacuated individuals are in good health, despite the four-day journey from Sudan to Ethiopia. Most of the evacuees were male, with a few women and ten children, six of whom were Ugandans in Sudan, and four belonging to Ambassador Ssemudu.

The embassy is still in the process of bringing back 50 Ugandans, and they are using different platforms to locate them.

Norah Bigirwa, the chairperson of the internal affairs committee of Parliament, praised the government’s efforts to bring Ugandan nationals home safely.

The power struggle between two factions in Sudan, which began in mid-April, has led to intense clashes between Sudan’s military and the main paramilitary forces, resulting in hundreds of deaths and forcing thousands to flee the country for their safety.

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