UETCL is our sole electricity supplier- Umeme clarifies

Umeme has clarified that Uganda Electricity Transmission company is their sole electricity supplier. This was said yesterday after the company received reports suggesting that they contacted Electromaxx to supply them with electricity.

” Umeme’s attention has been drawn to some misinformation making rounds suggesting that Uganda’s biggest power distributor accounting for 97% of the network contracted Electromaxx to supply electricity,” the report reads.

“We would like to clarify that Umeme solely buys power from Uganda Electricity Transmission company (UETCL).” the report reads further.

Umeme further explains that UETCL is the only mandated system operator and single buyer of power from all generating plants.

Umeme’s total power generation installed capacity stands at 1.269 MW while for Electromaxx stands at only 100MW.

Therefore, Umeme has advised the public to ignore the misinformation circulating.

Electromaxx is a privately- owned power generating company in Uganda operating a thermal power plant with an installed capacity of 100MW in Tororo, close to the Kenyan border

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