Two In Custody for Vandalizing Road Signage

Police in Napak district have apprehended two suspects for vandalizing road installations along the Matany-Kokeris road.

The incident was reported by vigilant staff from the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) who were conducting routine surveillance on July 5, 2023. The suspects allegedly used an axle blade to sever 14 road signposts and subsequently sold them to scrap dealers.

The suspects are David Ongom, 29, and Isaac Loyile, 25, both residents of Longalom village in Matany sub-county, Napak district.

According to Michael Longole, the Mount Moroto Regional Police spokesperson, the suspects are currently in custody at the Napak Central Police Station awaiting court proceedings.

In response to the incident, a team of detectives and uniformed personnel visited the scene, gathering evidence and taking photographs. Statements from witnesses were also recorded to support the ongoing investigation.

All 14 vandalized road signposts have been successfully recovered from the scrap dealers and are being held as crucial exhibits. The implicated scrap dealers have been summoned to the CPS Napak for further interrogation.

Longole emphasized the importance of road signposts as vital markers for the safety and well-being of road users. Emmanuel Moru, a resident of Matany town council, expressed concern over the growing problem of metal vandalism, including road signs and iron bars for fencing.

He attributed the act to the high demand and ready market for scrap materials, which has driven some youth to search for anything metallic for survival.

Moru revealed that traffic road signs installed along the roads are being directly uprooted from the ground.

‘’Initially, they used to collect the signposts that are knocked down by speeding vehicles but as of now they have started pulling even those that are standing in a good position’’ Moru said.

He further highlighted that government institutions have also fallen victim to vandalism, as youth roam around town in search of scraps to sell.

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