Two confirmed dead in Kamwokya fire outbreak

Several residents of Kamwokya have been left homeless as a fire burnt down their properties to ashes last evening. The fire is reported to have started around 7pm in a Kamwokya area known as Kisenyi ll, Kyamuka zone.

The fire brigade trucks arrived moments later but failed to easily gain access to the scene as the place is congested with so many structures and a drainage swamp.

In the video clips making rounds on social media, the helpless residents are seen wailing for their destroyed property.

The Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owosigyire revealed  that the fire fighters and the territorial police of Kira road at the scene had so far confirmed two deaths and scores of injuries have been registered. The identities of a male  adult and female adult are yet to be known.

According to the deputy police spokesperson, the fire is suspected to have started after Sparks from nearby electricity lines.

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