Town clerk killed by thugs in Lira

The Alebtong town clerk, Dennis Ogwang Adar was on Monday night attacked and killed by unknown assailants at his home in Bar-Opuu cell, Boroboro ward in Lira City, East Division.

According to the area chairperson, Mr Valentine Obira, the suspects, who are still at large, scaled the wall fence of Mr. Dennis Ogwang Adar’s home at around 11pm amid downpour and entered the compound unnoticed.

The assailants believed to be two reportedly started banging the two cars, which were parked in the compound, including a government double cabin pick-up truck belonging to Alebtong Town Council, to attract the attention of the house occupants.

” When Mr. Ogwang opened the door and peeped to find out what was happening, he was hit on the head with a hammer and he was pulled outside where he was beaten to death before they escaped,” Mr Obira said.

He added that Ms Anjela Amachu, the wife of the deceased, pleaded with the attackers to spare the life of her husband and offered them some money but they reportedly refused it.

They also kicked her in the stomach, leaving her with serious injuries.

” The attackers reportedly declined to accept the money but insisted on taking the life of Ogwang Adar,” Mr Obira said.

The area chairperson said this is not the first time unknown thugs have attacked Ogwang’s home.

He revealed that in 2017 and 2018, when Ogwang was the town clerk of Bweyale town council, in Kiryandongo district, his home was attacked by unknown people who threatened to kill him.

During that time, the case was reported to police and the force provided him with personnel who guarded the home day and night but they withdrew after some time when the threat lessened,” Mr Obira said.

” In April this year, unknown people again invaded the home of Mr Ogwang at night and broke into his poultry house where they stole about 30 chicken.”

Ms. Rhoda Akello, the house help, said the deceased has been living in fear of being attacked.

Mr. Jimmy Patrick Okema, the North Kyoga Regional Police spokesperson, confirmed the incident and said investigations into the murder have started.

He revealed that the police had taken the body of the deceased to Lira Regional Referral Hospital for postmortem.

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