Three Police Detectives Arrested for Mishandling Rape Case Involving Pastor

Police have arrested three of its detectives on the accusation of mishandling a rape case of, Saulite Anda, a Latvian national. The arrested detective are Seargent Doreen Oyera, Corporal Judith Akite and Constable Joyce Ayereget, all from Jinja Road Police Station.

Anda says she was raped by Ugandan Pastor Joseph Collins Twahirwa of the Bugolobi-based Epikaizo Ministries International. Anda said, in a statement at the Criminal Investigations Directorate, that she was invited to Uganda by Twahirwa and arrived at the suspect’s home in Bugolobi on December 12, 2022.

Upon arrival, the pastor reportedly confiscated her passport LV4336528 and her Visa. He robbed her of USD 300 and 400 Euros and eventually raped her. Anda was advised to file a case at Jinja Road Police station.

But from there, the detectives conspired with Pastor Twahirwa and handed over her travel document in addition to forcing her to sign for an amount of money in Ugandan Shillings. Anda further told the CID team at the headquarters in Kibuli that Jinja road detectives also forced her to sign a document acknowledging receipt of all her money and withdrawing the case.

Maj. Tom Magambo, the CID Director reportedly ordered the arrest of the three detectives at Jinja road and they were apprehended yesterday afternoon. The CID team has established that Oyera, Akite and Ayereget had conspired with Twahirwa to ensure Anda leaves Uganda as soon as possible since her Visa was expiring today.

Police Deputy Police Spokesperson Clare Nabakka confirmed the arrest of the three detectives and said the trio will face charges of irregular conduct contrary to section 44 of the Police Act. Twahirwa has also been arrested.

But with the communication of CID Director Maj Magambo, the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control –DCIC has extended Anda’s stay to ensure the case is fully investigated and provides all the necessary evidence for a successful trial.

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