Three Arrested For Chopping off Teenager’s Palm in Pilau Fight

Kiira region police are holding three suspects accused of chopping off the right palm of 15-year-old, Shafic Sizomu during a fight for pilao. The suspects in custody at Jinja central police station are Yasin Eguma, Ziyadi Akidi, and Norman Kabale.

It is reported that Sizomu, a resident of Wakalenge cell in the Jinja City Northern division attended a graduation ceremony in the same area on Sunday evening. Sizomu and his friends lined up for food at the serving table. However, the suspects pushed them from the line and forcefully grabbed the rice-filled saucepan from them. 

This sparked a fistfight between the two parties prompting one of the suspects to draw out a machete from his waist and chop off Sizomu’s palm before fleeing. Sizomu who is currently recieving treatment at an undisclosed clinic in Jinja city, says that he is recovering steadily. 

He, however, says that the permanent disability will incapacitate him from handling his daily chores and wants the suspects to be prosecuted to avail him justice. The Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi says that the suspects face two charges of attempted murder and causing grievous body harm to their victim. 

Mubi notes that the prime suspect only identified as Majid is still at large and efforts of tracking him down are underway. He says that detectives conducted a search in his rented room on Monday morning, where they recovered a blood-stained machete hidden under his bed.

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