Suspected Karamojong Warriors Interrupt Burial in Agago

The burial of three victims of a suspected Karamojong attack was abandoned Monday after warriors fired bullets just 300 meters away from the burial grounds.

The incident occurred in Te-Kato village, Lira Kato sub-county, Agago district, where three people from the same neighborhood were brutally attacked and killed on the night of June 16.

Four others sustained injuries during the attack. The burial ceremony of the trio; Gabriel Oyugi, 38, James Obonyo, 18, and John Oceng, 40, was scheduled for Monday afternoon. However, during the prayers at around 3 pm, the warriors invaded the neighbouring area and made off with an unspecified number of animals, causing a disruption that lasted for about an hour.

Haruna Okidi, a resident of Kuludwong, expressed deep frustration with what he perceives as the government’s lenient approach towards handling the cattle rustlers. He argued that these criminals roam freely, mercilessly killing helpless locals.

Leonard Ojok, the chairperson of Agago district, called for the government to declare the cattle rustlers a terrorist group. By doing so, he believes that appropriate financial and human resources can be allocated to effectively combat their activities.

Ojok pointed out that the impact of the rustlers extends beyond the district, affecting the entire nation. The resources currently spent on fighting them could be better utilized to provide essential social amenities.

James Nabinson Kidega, Agago district resident district commissioner (RDC) characterized the daring attack by the Karamojong as an act of frustration resulting from the soldiers’ communal protection of animals. Kidega revealed that on Monday morning, eight suspected Karamojong warriors, armed with one gun and carrying an injured member, were sighted returning to Kotido district.

A district report indicates that, over the past 16 months, suspected Karamojong warriors have claimed the lives of 45 civilians and injured 66 others. The ongoing violence continues to pose a significant threat to the region.

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