Street Preachers Ordered to Vacate Streets in 30 Days

The gospel is being taken off the street! Resident City Commissioner of Kampala Capital City Hudu Hussein has directed that street preachers stop using the streets as places to disseminate the gospel, and to that end he has given them only 30 days to leave.

Hudu says he wants a more serious city and that even though the preachers are loved so much, they are not a perfect fit into the plans for a great Kampala.

Hudu says street preachers should leave along with street children, vendors and others alike.

“For the case of street children, all preparations are done and we are going to conduct a one-month operation to remove them from the streets; we are working together with security, KCC and Ministry of Gender on this specific operation,” he said

The announcements were announced on Tuesday.

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