Strangers Dump Bag Containing Pistol at CID Headquarters

There was panic at the police criminal investigations directorate (CID) headquarters in Kibuli on Tuesday after unidentified individuals dumped a bag initially suspected to contain explosives.

However, upon examination by the bomb squad unit, a pistol was discovered inside the bag. The incident came to the attention of CID director Tom Magambo, who immediately alerted the counter-terrorism directorate at Naguru police headquarters. The bomb squad, under the command of commissioner of police Olweny, was dispatched.

Within minutes, the entrance to the CID headquarters was sealed off, and anyone entering or leaving the premises was stopped until the bomb squad examined the bag.

According to sources, the suspicious bag was dumped by individuals on a motorcycle, and the CID director allegedly witnessed the event. In response to the incident, the CID headquarters’ CCTV team and Naguru police headquarters were tasked with tracking the movement of the suspects.

“We don’t know the intentions of the men who dumped this pistol. They came riding so fast, stopped for seconds, and threw this bag at the entrance. We have been tasked to ensure that they are tracked to know their motive,” sources said.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga confirmed the incident, saying that efforts are underway to trace and arrest the culprits.

“The matter is under investigation to establish whether the act was a form of delivery or otherwise. The exhibit has been forwarded to our forensic ballistic experts for examination,” Enanga said.

There are speculations that the pistol may be linked to recent murders, and the individuals responsible may have wanted to draw the attention of the authorities by leaving it at the CID headquarters.

One of the recent murders being investigated, which involved the use of a pistol, is the shooting of vlogger Isma Olaxess. The police have arrested seven suspects in connection with the case, but none of them have been brought before the courts of law yet.

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