State House Masquerader Arrested

A man who has been masquerading as a member of the State House Special Operations Unit has been arrested in Kyebando, Wakiso District.

Fred Kiyaga was arrested on Wednesday in a bar. Kiyaga’s arrest was after a whistle-blower who has known Kiyaga as a civilian living at Mawanda road in Kampala, alerted security personnel. 

State House Masquerader Arrested
Fred Kiyaga a suspected UPDF masquerader

Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, said the whistle-blower said he knew everything about Kiyaga in and out.

“The concerned citizen informed security that he knows the man as Fred Kiyaga a civilian who has never been in the military school. He even said he knows his home at Mawanda road. He led to the place where he was and it was a local bar,” Owoyesigyire said.

Police said Kiyaga during arrest claimed that he is a special operative under the office of the President established by Division Internal Security Officer -DISO. “He also claims that he is an army officer and his force number is RF 144419 which was confirmed to be wrong by the sector commander. He was dressed in uniform without a rank yet claims to be a sergeant. It was also established that Kiyaga Fred doesn’t know any Swahili words which created more suspicion,” Owoyesigyire said.

The suspect was handed over to the Uganda People’s Defence Forces -UPDF’s First Division based at Kakiri in Wakiso district. Other exhibits Kiyaga was found with include a bag containing civilian clothes, and cards from the Office of the President suspected to be forgeries.

Maj. Charles Kabona, the First Division Spokesperson, has told URN that investigations have commenced establishing whether Kiyaga has any connection to military security agencies. “If we find that he is indeed one of us, we shall release him. But if we establish that he has been a masquerader, we shall arraign him in the court-martial,” Maj Kabona said.

Security suspects that Kiyaga could be one of the thugs that have been terrorizing residents of Nansana and neighboring places. Of recent, the outskirts of Kampala have registered armed criminal gangs that have left people injured or killed.

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