Sniffer Dogs Aid Arrest of 6,000 Suspects in Six Months

According to the latest criminal investigation statistics, 6,843 suspects have been arrested in the last six months with the assistance of police sniffer dogs. This is attributed to the robust breeding and training canine center in Nagalama, Mukono district.

Dr. Martin Mugume, who heads the police canine unit, states in the report that the breeding and training center has enabled them to provide sniffer dogs to all major police stations. He says that the highly skilled dogs have been instrumental in tracking suspects from crime scenes to their hideouts.

Dr. Mugume’s report reveals that 83 percent of the arrested suspects are male adults, while 717 are females. The use of these dogs has also facilitated the arrest of minor offenders, with 440 juveniles apprehended.

Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, attributes the success of the canine unit to strong leadership and the rigorous training of sniffer dog handlers. 

Enanga highlights the significant recovery of exhibits made possible by these dogs, which has led to successful prosecutions due to the availability of evidence.

“We are proud of the success achieved by the police canine unit. The commandant, management team, and dog handlers have done commendable work, effectively showcasing the vital role of dogs in policing. Sniffer dogs are utilized at the airport to detect narcotics and have successfully identified explosives in response to bomb scares,” Enanga stated.

In total, Dr. Mugume reports that the canine unit has received 8,463 cases that required the deployment of sniffer dogs. Furthermore, during the six-month period, the unit recovered 2,883 exhibits, including firearms, narcotics, murder weapons, and stolen items, with the assistance of the sniffer dogs.

Enanga emphasizes that the public can access the services of sniffer dogs free of charge.

In light of recent terror incidents and the UK’s warning about potential attacks in Uganda, Enanga urges the public to be vigilant and promptly report any abandoned items, such as bags, so that sniffer dogs can be deployed to detect any potentially dangerous contents.

From January to June, police handled at least 45 bomb scares and incidents involving actual explosives using sniffer dogs. As the security situation remains a concern, every Ugandan is encouraged to exercise caution and remain alert to ensure the safety of themselves and their communities.

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